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Laser Face & Body Hair Removal Service (New)

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Muscle Pain Therapy 

Weight Loss Wellness Services for Men

Body Composition Analysis | Nutrition Analysis | Exercise Analysis | Personalized Weight Loss, Detox & Performance Meal Plans | Customized Body Sculpting & Physique Workout Plans | Personal Training | Support Coach    Select Here - More Details


Face and Neck Contouring Non-invasive Treatment Services for Men

Non-invasive face lifts | Facial Lines and Wrinkle Removal | Skin Tightening | Facial Dark Spot Removal | Anti Aging Skin Rejuvenation | Laser Hair Removal (New)

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Body Sculpting Non-invasive Treatments For Men

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Body Sculpting Non-invasive Treatment Services for Men

Stomach, Abdominal & Love Handle Fat Reduction |Skin Tightening | Water Weight Reduction & Detoxification | Skin Rejuvenation | Laser Hair Removal (New)

Men, you to can now also look and feel your best with uniquely created non-invasive med spa treatment services just for you. Body Sensation Spa's signature body sculpting services Just for Men will help you to turn back the clock and improve your zest for life, overall body image and self esteem.

Fat Freeze Cool Sculpting For Him