Body Sensation Spa’s Muscle and Joint Pain therapy services will relieve and eliminate muscle and joint pain as well as bring relief to pregnancy belly facials and visceral Stomach manipulation with non-invasive technology, thermo and cold treatments, cupping, massage and stretching therapy and localized topical treatments.

Visceral Manipulation Therapy

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Muscle and Joint Pain Therapy Treatments

​​Muscle & joint Chronic Pain Relief | Soft & Deep Tissue Repair | Inflammation Relief | Sports & Gym Pain Relief  | Pregnancy Belly Facials | Visceral Manipulation Therapy

Muscle and Joint Pain Therapy Technologies 

​​Muscle EMS Stimulation | Vacuum RF | Shock Wave | Cupping | Massage & Stretching Therapy | Thermo & Cold Therapy | Topical Treatments

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Deep Tissue Therapy

EMS Stimulation

Thermo Treatment

Pregnancy Belly Facials

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Muscle and Joint Pain Therapy

Muscle and Joint Pain Therapy Treatment Areas

​​Face | Neck | Shoulders | Arms | Upper & Lower Back | Legs & Feet | Joints & Ligaments

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